Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too long


It has been too long! I feel bad. Mainly because I have been falling off my resolution's wagon. I haven't done any sewing in 4 weeks. :-( My excuse: "Finishing the web app".

I was sooooo close. For weeks now I felt like I was really close to finishing the beta version and uploading it to the web.

Then SXSW came... (bringing all sorts of disruptions)

Then I hit a few bad coding days...

And then I hit some really tough coding days that culminated with a long exchange with Heroku support that ended with "your app is too big".

I should have noticed that when my computer was running really slow and that some processes would take all night to run. I just thought: "hey, I can fix this later, once the app is up and running". Well, turns out I can't.

A part of me is somewhat relieved, because it means I am forced to rethink the whole concept and make it smarter. Another part of me is feeling like a failure. Actually no, not a failure. Just like I started running a race thinking it was the half-marathon I trained for and realizing it is more of an ultra-marathon.

So, I will keep on running.



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Friday, March 8, 2013

Resolution week 8 - And great news!


I know, I know - I am a week behind schedule. Actually, I did sew last week, but just didn't post. I have been really busy with some other things going that I am really excited about: the launch of my new website! The New Outfit Project! Yay!

Go check it out and sign up! (you can also see it inside the blog under the tab Map My Style). The private beta should go live by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

For last week's sewing project, I did something simple using some leftover silk: Pajama Pants!

I had gone looking for some good and comfortable pajama pants for winter and all I could find was polyester. Polyester? #justsayno

Also, I was so excited about oxblood last year, that I might have gone a little over board and bought too much fabric in this color. Although I love it, I didn't want another top or dress in silk oxblood, so pajamas seemed like a good way to go.

I user the same pattern for the pants I made here and here, added about 1/2" on each seam, ignored the darts and made a casing for the ribbon at the waist. Finished it all with french seams.

On another note, SXSW is finally upon us. Living in downtown Austin is great, but there are two major SXSW hubs in our block making it party central 'til the wee hours. I will be attending a few events, but only those that are free.

Also, I am linking up with Casual Fridays - nothing more casual than pajamas! Visit the site and see what other bloggers have been up to.



Friday, February 22, 2013

Resolution - Week 7


For this week I decided to do a chambray shirt. I thought it would be a good addition to my closet and a good way to dress down the brocade pants I made a few weeks back.

Luckily I had some denim chambray in my stash and pattern from Burda Magazine (Feb 2013) for a shirt.

I must admit this is not my favorite project this year. The "boyfriend shirt" is really oversized. Even using the same size I used for the peplum top and taking an inch off from each side it is still huge. I am still thinking if I want to fix it some more or not.

What do you think? Also, what project should I work on next? Suggestions?

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