Monday, April 30, 2012

These shoes were made for walking


So, it seems like shoes covered in glitter are all the rage for the Brazilian winter. I have a feeling it will be a fad, because it is easy to get tired of it. And I cringe at spending R$200 (about US$90) to have shoes that will be done soon and that I can't really wear to work.

Adding to the fad issue, I have tried to get clothing and accessories fixed, instead of scrapping them, but my trips to cobblers and seamstresses here have been VERY frustrating.

And then... I saw this video and looked at the pile of shoes that needed fixing and a light bulb went off.

After I got the supplies, I chose these boots, which were a little worn out and was told that there was nothing that could be done to fix them.
 Then I wiped them really well...
 And wrapped the portions that were not supposed to be painted with tape, and went to town with the spray.
 This is what they looked like after the first coat. And this is also when I realized that the boots didn't need any glitter to look really cute!

 And they did, after the second coat of spray!

DIY painted boots
This is my happy face with the new boots! Yay! Plus it really inspired me to do some other things with spray paint. More to come!

Shirt - Banana Republic
T-shirt - Banana Republic
Gray Jeans - Banana Republic
Boots - Arezzo
Scarf - J. Crew

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I wanted to start the outfit project with my latest attempt at sewing: white pants! I actually started them quite sometime ago, so I would have a nice pair for the Brazilian Summer. Alas, work got the best of my time and now that we are in the thick of Fall (yes, it does get cold here), I managed to finish them.

So I give you my very summery look.

I decided for this pair to start from scratch, after a few very unfortunate trials with old patterns.

All the measurements taken...

... The instructions were followed, with a few adaptions.

And, Voila! The end result was a pretty nice pattern.

It turns out I miscalculated the length of the pants and the fabric, so the pants turned out a little short. :-( On the plus side, since I started the pattern I have lost weight :-)

And here is the end result....

Ok - I know, I know... I look really serious. I am working here on self-photography and all.

White Pants - Cotton - By Sam
Stripped shell - J. Crew
Red Jacket - Linen - By Sam (from an old pattern I had saved from my graduation project)
Shoes - MoB
Necklace - somewhere in 25 de Marco

Getting started

Welcome to The New Outfit Project!

My goal was to create something new, using tools that I learned while in my fashion design program.

The project: Each post will bring you a garment, designed from start (sketch) to finish (outfit) and a description of my challenges while doing it.

I hope you enjoy it!