Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too long


It has been too long! I feel bad. Mainly because I have been falling off my resolution's wagon. I haven't done any sewing in 4 weeks. :-( My excuse: "Finishing the web app".

I was sooooo close. For weeks now I felt like I was really close to finishing the beta version and uploading it to the web.

Then SXSW came... (bringing all sorts of disruptions)

Then I hit a few bad coding days...

And then I hit some really tough coding days that culminated with a long exchange with Heroku support that ended with "your app is too big".

I should have noticed that when my computer was running really slow and that some processes would take all night to run. I just thought: "hey, I can fix this later, once the app is up and running". Well, turns out I can't.

A part of me is somewhat relieved, because it means I am forced to rethink the whole concept and make it smarter. Another part of me is feeling like a failure. Actually no, not a failure. Just like I started running a race thinking it was the half-marathon I trained for and realizing it is more of an ultra-marathon.

So, I will keep on running.



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