Friday, September 21, 2012

1 top, 4 ways, and the continuation of the chiffony saga


I am so happy I made this top! It was intended to be a fancy version of a t-shirt and I really like it.

Here are 4 ways to wear them: casual, night out, summer, and fall. Yes, it is another silk chiffon piece. Like I said, I love to hate it. It makes the outfits so much more chic. Ven, watch out!

You can try these looks with a loose fitting BCBG or this open neck BCBG top.

There are some good grey skinny jeans options here.

And a word about cost. Consider dividing the price of the garment by the number of times you are wearing the item per year. A top like this one, becomes a bargain, for being so versatile. Don't you love that?

I can think of yet some other options to wear this t-shirt with, in particular at an office environment, under a jacket or cardigan. I bought some fun colors of this same fabric at Mood, so stay tuned for more versions of this.

Oh, and thanks to my mom for the black shrug and the grey clutch I used on the Fall look. Saudades de ti!

Here are some more photos. Enjoy!



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