Monday, July 9, 2012



I was trying to make one last post out of Sao Paulo, but there was so much stuff to do that there was no way to post.

However now, I am in Austin, Tx, with my husband and I am HAPPY! After a few months apart, it is nice to be together. There are a few challenges, though. We were living in a 4 bedroom apartment in Brazil and have moved back to Josh's bachelor pad, with pretty much no storage. We do have amazing rosemary and basil plants on our sunny balcony!

The other major challenge is that I am unemployed! I have given myself a few days to relax before hitting the job hunting trail.

So today, I went for coffee and a walk while Josh is at work. This is the outfit I chose to brave the 100F heat here.

 I love these shoes (even though they were from a winter collection in Brazil) and how well they go with the bib necklace. I even got a compliment on them on my walk today!

Top: J.Crew
Shorts: Banana Republic
Necklace: 25 de Marco
Bangle: 25 de Marco
Glasses: Chloe
Shoes: Arezzo


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