Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIWW and a Basil update


I got a haircut! And I am so happy! Oh, Joe, how I've missed you. I found Joe by chance when I moved to Austin and he was great. I even introduced him to my then-boyfriend (now hubby), who also thought Joe was the best. Then, I cheated on him and saw someone else, who was not that great (Josh remained faithful). Then I moved to Brazil and tried maybe 3 hairstylists and liked NONE OF THEM. Neither did Josh. If you want to find Joe, got to Avant Downtown.

Now that I am back in Austin, I decided I needed some Joe. And he did such a great job. We talked about how to fix the problem that my hair is nice and wav on the ends but really flat up top. I left feeling great!

As to what I wore - I made this top and I really like it for Summer (and even for Fall). I paired them with GAP jeans and flats. Really simple and effortless and pretty with a happy face and a new haircut!

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 Crazy new haircut face! :-)

What do you think?
Basil update!

Oh, and remember the little basil plants I showed you a few weeks ago? Only a few weeks ago! And now, look at this amazing basil. 




  1. I can't believe you made your top! Its so pretty :-). I also love the different content on your blog, especially the food tips lol great blog! I'm following you via gfc and you have twitter?

    1. Hi! I am glad you like it! Keep coming back :-)! Your blog is pretty cool too - amazing shoes!

  2. I'm so impressed you made that top! it is beautiful!!