Friday, February 8, 2013

Resolution - Weeks 4 and 5


Last week I skipped on my resolution to complete a new sewing project each week. And I felt terrible. It wasn't even February and I was already missing on the resolution?


So I decided to complete two projects this week to get back on track.

It feels great! And I am really happy at how the two projects turned out. I made a jacket and another peplum top. Both were Burda magazine patterns and Mood fabrics that I had used in other projects (here and here).



It always amazes me how long it actually takes to get the patterns ready and to cut the fabric. In theory, it sounds so easy but it takes for-e-ver. Well, sewing does too, but it is more fun that tracing, adding seam allowances and cutting...

Sewing these past couple of days really got me in the mind to sew and I am already excited about upcoming projects.

How are your resolutions coming along?

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  1. Which Burda magazine pattern is the jacket? I may just have to blatantly copy this one. Great job! Don't be surprised if you show up to the next local sewing meetup to see your fashion twin:) Love the color of the peplum top too.

  2. Hi! It is the February one. It is a really good pattern, try it! I would love to see what you come up with!


  3. wow I love the Peplum, I have been searching for one to buy but cannot find one that is just right. I am a novice but I plan on taking this pattern to my sewing class for my project.

    1. Hi Jodi,

      This pattern is great and not too complicated. Just a few tips:
      1. Ignore the facings and use bias tape. It makes for a cleaner finish on the neck and armhole.
      2. The hem is really tricky because the edge is round.

      Share some pictures when you are done, please!


  4. I did this challenge last year and I so sympathize with you. It's tough to keep it up every week! These look really great and I like your style. Good luck!

  5. Hey
    I bought a fabric and wanted to make this jacket.
    I dont wanted to make this facing (is it the right word? Im from Germany), I mean this other coloured fabric around.
    So I found it interessting that you did it different. Im a novice, so - would it be possible for you to explain me a bit?
    And what is with the interface?