Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIWW - Late Edition - Soft and Sweet


There are some days when the mental chatter in my head seams like a character from "The Great Debater" - so persuasive...

This morning was particularly bad, as I was trying to get out of be around 5:30 to workout. Seriously, the conversation in my head kept going on even after I had put on my workout clothes. Ms. Chatter (let's call her that and keep PG) insisted on pointing out every little muscle pain, the great workouts from the previous days, the declining number on the scale. Sweet Ms. Chatter could not fail to remind me how comfortable the bed was and how bad I had slept the night before.

me - hanging on to the bed for dear life

It was a true battle of wills, as I tried to remain positive against all of Ms. Chatter's attacks. I could have just gone on the negative and remind Ms. Chatter that I have signed up for a half-marathon that will take place in less than 4 weeks for which I have not trained enough. I could also have pointed out all the imperfections of the my body and the over-indulgences from the long weekend. I think I might have.

But as I battle Ms. Chatter for about 30 minutes, I managed to get dressed, put on running shoes, eat, grab the water bottle, and show up at the gym at 6:10. VICTORY! Well, sorta...

Anyway... After the great victory against Ms. Chatter, I also won against Mr. Ruby - more on him on another post. So I figured I really deserved a nice cup of coffee, some sparkle, and a cute little bow.

Today, I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy - for WIWW. Go check it out!




  1. Love your shoes! I posted right before you on WIWW.

    1. Hi,

      Welcome for stopping by! I can't wait for spring to wear these shoes more often. Except here in Austin it is almost Summer already...


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those sweet little bows.

    I have a Ms. Chatter too. She's such a b--. lol

    stopping by from The Pleated Poppy