Friday, January 25, 2013

Resolution -Week 3 - Brocade Pants


When I saw the brocade trend coming on for Fall, I was really intrigued. It seems tough to pull off, and very unforgiving. But I decided to give it a try as a sewing project.

I picked up the fabric at Mood, in September. It is a cotton mix brocade with some oxblood colors. It is probably one of the easiest fabrics I have ever sewn with: it is stable - no stretching, no puckering, no slipping. A little fraying, for sure, but not terrible.

The pattern was the same one I used for the oxblood pants. Please don't stare too close to the midriff... Between my seam allowances going more towards 5/8" than 1/2" and the holiday overindulgences and laziness and the fabric being s stiff, they turned out a little tight.

Well, let's just call it motivation.

Anyway, they are tough to pull off. I was actually struggling to figure out what to pair them with and I actually like J.Crew's idea of a boxy sweater on top. I was actually thinking a nice a chambray shirt, to really tone everything down. I guess it is because Austin has been blessed with really hot weather. Seriously - high 70s!!! So I am really not thinking about boxy sweaters here.

BTW, Austinites, you are welcome! Feel free to indulge in the hot weather in January while the rest of the country shovels snow thanks to me and my new pair of boots!

So, what do you suggest as a pairing for these pants?

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