Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIWW - Week 1 - 2013


It is a cold and rainy day here! And since I love gray, here is a completely gray outfit.

Gray is one of my favorite colors. I think it all started when I started working as an engineer, in 2000, right out of the 90's and I wore a lot of black. But suddenly black was too much and I started looking for alternatives and I ended up reading somewhere that gray was a good color for my career. I can't remember where I read it, but it was some self-help exoteric type of book.

So, I started buying gray clothes.

And gray shoes.

And gray bags.

Maybe now, 13 years later, I should look for another color.

What do you think?

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And here are a few of my favorite accessories in gray:

Manolo Blahnik BB Suede Pointed-Toe Pump, Gray by Manolo Blahnik: 

Cashmere Bow Gloves, Sizes 2-6, Gray Flannel by Neiman Marcus:

ASOS Gray Silicone Watch by ASOS:

See By Chloe Heather Gray Wool Wrap Jacket by See By ChloƩ:



  1. I love gray too. Those boots are perfect!

    1. The boots were a find from a couple of years ago at Rue La La. I am glad you liked them!


  2. I love your outfit.

    I don't do much monotone. Sometimes I wish I weren't so drawn to colors, but I am. Love color!


    1. Hi!

      That is the great thing about gray! You can pair it up with any color!


  3. I love how your monochromatic outfit turned out! There's just enough variance in the different shades of grey to make it really interesting. :)