Monday, October 1, 2012

5 Tips for dealing with a case of the Mundays


Are you, like me, suffering from "a case of the mundays"?

Here are some easy fixes, that used to work for me when I was going to the office every day:

1. Wear a pretty dress - We usually feel better when we know we are looking good and getting a compliment helps too.

Styling Tip: Look for dresses that have  a fitted band under the bust, to mark the narrowest part of your torso. Just like a great jacket, it will give you the coveted hourglass shape.

Here are a few good options, click away!

2. Wear cute shoes - Heels always give us those extra inches of leg length that we need, they make us feel pretty (and sexy) and confident. We walk taller and our legs have to tense up, so they look better. So put on a pair of cute heels and get some compliments.

3. Grab a fancy cup of coffee to go - That used to be one of my favorite things when I lived in Seattle, grabbing coffee before work at a local coffee shop and flirt a little with the barista. While my barista flirting days are over (and my bank account can't handle daily coffee runs), it is fun to splurge occasionally, and maybe get that compliment from someone you don't work with.

4. Prep ahead - I used to be an unbearable b@#%$ on Sundays, always thinking about all the great things I should have done during the weekend and didin't. But I found that getting my outfit ready for the next day, journaling with a cup of tea, and being grateful for the things that actually got accomplished during the weekend always helped me feel better.

5. Compliment someone - Just as it is nice to have someone random tell you "Your dress is super cute!", it feels good to be nice to others. So be nice!

I am linking up today with Monday Mingle, so go check them out.

Have a great week!



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