Monday, October 22, 2012

Austin Startup Week and More Chiffon


today I am guest posting with Understated Classics. Go check it out!

Jeans: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Zara, Shoes: Nine West, Top: by me

This week has been kinda busy with Austin Startup Week, but it has definitely been fun. Meeting a lot of interesting people and hopefully someone who can help me get my idea off the ground. More on that later...

I made this (yes, another) chiffon top a long while ago. I bought the fabric in Brazil around 2007, but I only managed to finish the project earlier this year. 

It seems I have a problem. Whenever I buy fabric I really REALLY like, I tend to save it for a special and worthy project. Whenever I look at it, I think that my sewing capabilities are not worthy of the very special fabric I have.

This behavior left me with an ungodly stash of fabric that moved around continents and ended up at my mother's in Brazil.

Now that I live in a small condo with the hubby, this behavior cannot continue. So fabric purchases have a purpose (one can dream, right?).



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