Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Casual Outfit and Business Update



 Top: by me, Jeans: Banana Republic, Shoes: Corello (Brazil)

These past days have revolved around Excel. I am trying to build a database, so I can experiment with my business idea.

While I have played around with macros in the past, it was never my strong suit, so I am trying my best to look beyond the boredom that it is working on these macros and think about the end goal, which is to have good data to do what I want.

There were a few days though, when I just wanted to throw my @#%$@%@ computer out the window with a maniacal laugh. But alas, I haven't and, as I write, one of the macros is happily running in the background. Yay!

As for work schedule, I had at some point tried to go to a coffee shop to work. It did present a few problems, though.

1. I am too easily distracted by Ms. L-Sat who talks to herself as she works through her questions
2. I am even more distracted by Ms. L-Sat's comings and goings, as she leaves her stuff unattended at a table, while she goes to a table outside to read (thus taking up 2 tables)
3. Since I am not like Ms. L-Sat, I won't leave stuff unattended if I have to go get food (which I don't want to pay for anyway) or take breaks, which means I end up showing up after lunch and leaving starved and tired around 4:30
4. The countless hipster mustaches!

So, for the past couple of weeks, I have been getting up, working out, showering, getting dressed, taking pictures, then sitting down in front of the computer at home. Here, I have the flexibility to get up and grab a snack, tea, water, or a book when the macros run.

What is your trick to stay focused?



PS: Dear Ms. L-Sat,  I wish you the best of luck taking your exam in November. I am sure you will be fine!

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